Passion pays off Hardings “24 Hour Pharmacy”

The team at Hardings 24 Hour Pharmacy Annerley can see the benefits of staff who are passionate about providing professional services to customers in an unique 24 hour Pharmacy way. One obvious benefit was the recognition gained from being named 2019 Pharmacy of the Year Award recipients for Excellence in Professional Innovation.

Chetna Patel, co-manager, said that the win was a big moment for the 24 hour Pharmacy and its employees.

She said, “It has given recognition our team for its hard work and dedication in improving the value of community pharmacies’ services,”

  • “All the team members are very proud of this award.
  • “And it extended beyond the staff 24 hour pharmacy.

“Our customers and patients are just as excited about the award as we are, and it’s been so lovely to hear their thanks for the award and to receive their congratulatory remarks.”

  • Nominating was a simple and easy process.
  • “The process of receiving a nomination was easy, and we didn’t have too much to do.
  • “When judges came to our pharmacy to see it, we made sure that we were authentic and true to ourselves.
  • “So, if anyone was to ask me for advice I would tell them to go ahead and just enter.
  • It’s a rewarding experience for the team, and it’s fun.

Ms Patel stated that the award process gave the 24 hour Pharmacy and other community pharmacies a chance to showcase their talents and uniqueness.

She said that pharmacology plays an important role in the health of all Australians, and it was rewarding to receive such a prestigious award.

Heidi Paech, co-manager of the 24 hour Pharmacy, stated that a hallmark of the pharmacy’s 24 hour Pharmacy is its dedication to health promotion and awareness activities. These activities are an integral part of daily life at the pharmacy.

  • These activities are a reflection of the passion pharmacists and staff have to provide the best service possible both inside and outside the 24 hour Pharmacy.
  • “Our pharmacy is unique because our staff and pharmacists are passionate about providing professional services to customers in a unique way.
  • “We are a patient-focused pharmacy and provide highly personalized interactions to ensure our patients achieve the best health outcomes.
  • “We also have a 24/7 pharmacy in order to provide greater access to our healthcare services to the community.”
  • Both co-managers stated that the pharmacy was active in many community events with a special emphasis on health promotion.
  • The pharmacy staff participates in national awareness week. Customers and other community members are also invited.
  • Ms Paech stated that these events offer patients and customers the chance to get involved in their own health and well-being.

We offer professional services at no cost during these awareness events. These events allow customers to learn more about the benefits of these services, and how they can help improve their health.

“We also invite other allied healthcare professionals to the pharmacy to engage with customers and offer complimentary screenings and services.”

Ms Patel stated that the pharmacy’s diabetes educator was regularly present at local seminars for patients, and these were often attended also by other allied healthcare professionals.

To give students an opportunity to see a forward-looking pharmacy model in action, the pharmacy team works closely with students from Queensland University of Technology and University of Queensland.


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