China Star: Red Design Award

China Industrial Design Association and Beijing Industrial Design Center jointly created the Red China Star Design Award in 2006, which is a professional award for design. Since the creation, it has been adhering to the principle of “Fairness, Justice, Commonweal, Top-level and Internationalization”. CCTV has hailed the Red Star Award as the only award that has international influence in China. It is now China’s most influential and authoritative design award.

Since 2006, Red Star has welcomed more than 60,000 products from 8,000 companies in more than 30 countries. Red Star’s domestic area includes all 34 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. It also includes Hong Kong, Macao Special Administrative Regions, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. There are thousands of companies from both domestic and international countries, including Audi, Volvo and Samsung as well as Dell, CRRC and COMAC. Many of these products are from high-tech lord business areas such as the new generation in information technology, energy savings and environmental protection, advanced manufacturing, virtual realities, and unmanned driving.

China Star Design Award was awarded

Red China Star Design Award invited nearly 200 experts in design, science, technology, economics and media to participate in the judging. The evaluation criteria are set up in accordance with international design award rules and national conditions. It also establishes strict evaluation procedures. Red Star Award entered into a strategic cooperation arrangement with Red Dot Design Award in Germany. It also received mutual recognition from the “Good Design Award” from Korea, as well as the Australian International Design Award. This symbolises the quality of design in China that is recognized by the international design community.

Red Star Award hosted more than 179 exhibitions in 40 cities over the past 14 years. This included Paris, Milano and Nairobi as well as Shanghai, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Shanghai, Beijing, Shanghai, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The average visitor has been more than 3.3 millions. Red Star Award has been covered extensively by some important media outlets, including China Central Television, People’s Daily and Xinhua News Agency. Science and Technology Daily and Beijing Daily are just a few examples. Red Star Mark was also used to promote the companies that were awarded.

Call for submissions: 2020 Red China Star Design Award, Beijing

Beijing, a UNESCO Creative City of Design has opened its call for submissions for 2020 Red China Star Design Award. This award is a top design award with a wide international reach. The competition was established in 2006 and aims to promote good design as well as the development of the industry. The competition has received more than 60,000 submissions from over 8,000 companies from more than 30 countries since its inception.

The competition grants the “original award”, which was established in 2012 to any product that addresses development issues related to well being, society, economy, or technology. This competition is open to original product or service design from all over the globe. A special award has been created in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. It is for products and services that were designed or developed to fight the coronavirus.


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