MTSU health services: Benefits Summary

This information is a summary of the various benefit programs available at Middle Tennessee State University. It does not replace any provisions in each plan document. Additional information can be found in the relevant plan document or at MTSU Health Services policy.

1. Social Security mtsu health services

Participation in social insurance is mandatory. FICA tax consists of two parts: (1) Old Age and Survivors and Disability Insurance (OASDI) and (2) Medicare Hospital Insurance(HI). The OASDI employee participation rate for 2021 is 6.2% and the OASDI wages base ranges from $137,700 up to $142,800. The HI employee contribution rate for 2021 is 1.45%. There is no limit to the wages that are subject to Medicare taxes in 2020. MTSU Health Services will match the social security contributions of employees dollar for dollar. An additional.9% tax is assessed for highly compensated employees with incomes above $200,000

2. Retirement mtsu health services

Participation in the state retirement plan and the optional retirement plan are mandatory. Click here for more information about retirement plans.

3. Group Insurance Plan

This plan is provided for eligible employees of the State of Tennessee and includes term life insurance, basic special accident insurance, and medical/hospitalization coverage. Minnesota Life Insurance Company handles the life and accident insurance. The State of Tennessee Insurance Administration administers the medical care section.

There are three options available for health insurance: the Standard PPO, Partnership PPO and the Consumer Driven Health Plan. You and eligible dependents must be enrolled within a specific timeframe. For more information about eligibility and enrollment, please refer to the insurance handbook. The Medical Options Comparison is included in the new employee packet. It provides a quick overview of the most common benefits categories. Refer to the relevant Member Handbook and Provider Directory for more information.

All references are available at the State’s Benefit Administration website, Publications and Forms.

The Standard PPO and Partnership PPO are almost identical in many ways. Both cover the same types of MTSU Health Services, treatments, and products. There is one important distinction between the two options. If you choose the Partnership POPO, you will need to make a partnership promise. The state will then reward you with lower prices.

Employees are entitled to $20,000 in basic term life coverage and $40,000 in basic special accident coverage at no additional cost. Employees who choose MTSU Health Services coverage will see their coverage increase as they earn more. Premiums above $20,000/$40,000 are deducted from employees’ paychecks. Maximum coverage for term life is $50,000 and accidental death and dismemberment is $100,000. As you age, your coverage will decrease.

4. Optional Special Accident

The plan also provides additional coverage for accidental death and dismemberment. Participation is voluntary and the employee must pay the entire premium. The amount of coverage is determined by the employee’s salary. For more information, click here


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