Pet Sitting Insurance: What it covers

Pet injuries and damages are the most expensive risks. These incidents can lead to you being held responsible for all costs, and even a lawsuit. It is important to have pet sitting insurance.

What is Pet Sitting Insurance?

Pet sitters are financially responsible for any damage or theft that may occur to other pet owners. These financial costs can include costly medical injuries, legal costs if sued, vet bills, and costs associated with clients’ property in case of theft or damage.

If you have a pet sitting company, insurance for your employees can protect your business from a major financial loss. It is also important for your professional reputation.

  • Here are some examples for costly accidents that insurance might cover:
  • You are out walking your dog. He lunges at pedestrians and bites them on their legs.
  • Your client forgets to lock their front door and the home is burgled.

You are at a dog park along with your client’s dog. One of the dogs gets into a fight with another dog and injures both.

Your Cat or Dog is Evicted from your Home and Hit by a Car

If your pet eats something poisonous at home or while on a walk, it is likely that they are in your care.

How to get Bonded and Insured for Pet Sitting?

Do your research to ensure you find trustworthy insurance coverage. Ask pet sitters what they recommend. Ask your local insurance agent. You can also join professional pet sitting organizations like the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. NAPPS membership grants you access to tons and tons of resources, such as advice on insurance and bonding.

Veracity Insurance Solutions, Lloyds of London and Pet Care Insurance are two of our recommended companies. Veracity is an insurance agency that specializes in general and product liability. It manages more than 40,000 small business accounts throughout the United States. Lloyds of London, a respected global insurance company, has a 325 year history.

What Does Pet Sitting Insurance cover?

All pet sitting policies include general liability insurance that covers you against legal claims arising from third-party injuries or damages incurred during your business operations.

Many policies offer additional coverage and add-ons. You should read all terms and conditions before you sign up for any policy. The following coverage options may be available in pet sitting insurance policies.


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