international health insurance for you
international health insurance for you

You must have international healthcare insurance in place before you travel abroad, whether you are going on a trip around the world, on a Work Holiday Program, or on an extended expatriation assignment. It can be hard to choose the right medical insurance for foreigners in China plan from the many options available. These are some tips to help you choose the right international healthcare insurance for your needs, location and type.

Get a clear picture of your project and what your needs are

You must first clearly define your travel plans in order to choose the best international health coverage.

Are you planning to expatriate with your family? Are you planning to travel around the globe for several months? Which countries are you planning to visit if so?

Also, be clear about your family’s healthcare needs. Do you have any medical conditions that need special treatment? Are you a wearer of glasses or contacts? Are your children going to need orthodontic treatment?

You will be able more easily to compare the different plans available and choose the best healthcare solution.

Review your reimbursement conditions

Ask your insurance company what they will do in the case of a medical emergency abroad and what their reimbursement policies are. You should inquire about the applicable waiting periods, reimbursement limits and supporting documents.

You want insurance plans that provide quick reimbursement turnarounds of less than a day. You should be able submit your claim online and have access to remote consultations.

Select the right healthcare coverage for you

Different criteria are important in choosing the right healthcare plan. Private healthcare insurance could provide coverage starting at the first Euro. This international insurance plan covers healthcare expenses up to the first Euro or dollar incurred. You do not need to register with the Caisse de Francais d’Etranger, the French Social Security System, or the basic social insurance system in your host country.

You can, however, opt for insurance supplemental to the CFE (Caisse des Francais de l’Etranger) if you are/have been covered under the French healthcare system (Securite Sociale).

This healthcare option is only available to non-resident afiliated people. It maintains a relationship with the French Social Security System for both healthcare and pension contributions. The CFE handles reimbursements based on reimbursements from French Social Security. A private complement insurance plan is often recommended to maximize your healthcare coverage. This will depend on the cost of healthcare in your destination country. Check the list of countries covered by your international healthcare insurance plan before you make a decision. When you plan an expatriation trip, be sure to check the list of countries that are covered.