Mobile phone insurance

If your mobile phone is stolen, damaged, lost, or destroyed, you can get insurance that covers the cost to repair or replace it.

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Many insurers now offer mobile insurance policies for smartphones, as the cost of phones is rising.

Mobile phone insurance policies that cover specialists include:

  • The cost of replacing your handset
  • Unauthorized calls
  • Your apps, games, music, and other content
  • accidental damage
  • Accessories for your phone

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The majority of mobile phone insurance policies do not cover:

  • carelessness

If your phone is not taken care of, it could be stolen

  • water damage

Your policy will specify how long it takes to report a mobile phone theft to your insurance. Delays in reporting theft could result in your claim being denied.

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How to purchase mobile phone insurance

Although your mobile network may offer insurance, it is worthwhile to shop around for specialist policies.

Ask your mobile provider about their coverage or visit a price comparison site to compare prices. You can also compare prices and policies by contacting the insurers directly, or through a broker through the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA).

Your mobile phone may be covered by your home contents insurance when it is not in your home. Travel insurance may also cover it while you are away. To check if your phone is covered, consult your insurance provider.

These policies do not cover the cost to replace your handset.

You may be required to pay an additional excess if your mobile phone is covered by your home contents insurance. This may be more than if you were covered under a mobile phone policy that covers specialist mobile phones.

You may be able to cover your mobile phone with insurance through your bank account. Check with your bank to confirm if it is covered.

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Then you can decide what additional coverage, if any, you may need

ABI Good Practice Guide To help companies ensure that their products meet consumer expectations, the ABI has created a good practice guide to assist mobile phone insurance administrators, retailers and providers.


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